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Serendeputy is a personal newsfeed engine. It reads the open web and then organizes and scores it for you. It learns what you like and helps you find something interesting to read.

But, here’s what’s different. Unlike your favorite search engines and social networks, Serendeputy is entirely transparent, putting you in control.

I've been working on the open web since 1997, and I'm trying to recreate (or reclaim, I suppose) its spirit. It was once fun for people to follow links and explore gardens outside the walls. I'm trying to design Serendeputy to encourage that exploration.

The basic application (the open index) is free to use and explore. I hope you find it useful, and that it contributes positively to the web.

It's also free to connect your Twitter account. When you do this, Serendeputy will index the links tweeted by people you follow and organize that index for you. You can go through any topic and see what your Twitter feed is thinking. If you want, you can connect your Twitter feed right now.

I should probably make money at some point, though. I'm a solopreneur, sadly lacking those millions of venture-capital or hedge-fund dollars.

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