Read Speed Reading Apps: Spritz, Spreeder (Art of Memory Forum)

I’m really excited about a new speed reading app called Spritz 24. The only drawback is that it only allows readers to go up to 600wpm at the moment.

Spreeder 11 also looks good. I can read at 1,000 wpm there without it feeling too much like “skimming”, though it’s possible to miss an important word like a number when blinking – edit: see below. I think it would be better if the full text were written below it so that one could look up any words that were missed.

Those apps seem to break the speed limits mentioned in this article 5.

Check them out and let me know what you think…

Edit: I did some searching online and found some more apps, which I’ll link to below. I think the words are missed at 1,000wpm speed not because of blinking, but because certain kinds of text don’t work at this speed. I just tried it with some text from the wiki and I think that it’s too fast for lists and numbers in general. One improvement that could be made is to automatically slow down half or quarter the speed when encountering things like numbers and lists. Maybe it would also help readers if the apps would slightly pause at punctuation.

Edit 2: on further experimentation, I think the 1,000wpm speed is skimming. When using their simple-English examples, it works, but nothing beyond “skimming” when using normal text, like this random example 2 from Wikipedia.

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