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I’m an associate prof in the Department of History at Carleton University. My google scholar page is here. In 2016 I was named a Careton University Teaching Fellow, and I was recipient of the Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award. I teach in the public history and digital humanities programmes (I’m also cross-appointed to Greek and Roman Studies). If you’re interested in doing an MA or PhD with me, get in touch. I may have some funding to support you.

My github account is littered with repos I’ve forked from other people because they were/are interesting. I led the Open Digital Archaeology Textbook Environment project; I’m currently researching the trade in human remains. I’m also starting some work in computational creativity with legacy archaeological data. I co-wrote The Historian’s Macroscope. I have a book on ‘failing gloriously’ and another one on practical digital necromancy coming out in the next year.

I always welcome email from interested folks: shawn / dot / graham /at/ carleton /dot/ ca

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