Malcolm, thanks for the reminder. I’ve been meaning to circle around and test out Unicyclic’s reader. It’s very slick looking and wonderfully clean.

I do wonder where the html version of twitter-atom you mention is hiding? Do you mean the HTML output from I tried that and indeed your Twitter output is one of the better looking ones out there. I piped it into Monocle as well and that has a pretty solid appearance too. One of the subtle differences that I notice between the two is whether the context that the tweet is a reply to another tweet is above (Monocle) or below (Unicyclic) the tweet content itself. I’m not quite sure which I personally prefer, though I suspect that if put to a vote, the majority of the public may think above makes more sense–especially since that’s the way Twitter works, though I think there’s a case to be made that the order should be changed in a feed reader. I really like the way you’re using the reply and quotation icons within the tweets to provide better visual context. It’s a really nice visual shortcut to quickly provide context.

I think my favorite part is that I can give you an OPML file to import feeds. I wish some of the microsub clients did this. (Of course I tried handing Unicyclic a huge OPML feed with 85 sources and it died just a few in, but still it’s way better than moving all my follow data over one at a time using cut and paste.) Keep up the good work!