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Hypothesis was excited to bring Butch Porter on to our team as Vice President of Partnerships earlier this year and we’ve been wanting to take the time to introduce him to our community. I sat down with Butch recently and got him talking about why he joined Hypothesis and his deep experience working for more than 20 years at the intersection of education, publishing, and scholarly communication. Butch has worked for large educational companies as well as founding, growing, and successfully selling companies that utilize open-source software in a SaaS environment. Butch has spent a great deal of his career working with digitized content both in a personalized learning platform as well as in a vast network of learning object repositories. Butch has testified before state legislatures on the benefits of digitized content and has been an advocate his entire career for the implementation of learning tools that improve student success while driving down the cost of materials. Butch has a passion for education as his dad was a high school principal and his mom a school nurse. You can learn more about Butch in our conversation below and on his LinkedIn page, and reach him at

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