Watched Jadene Mayla: The Harmonic Bridge Between the Tech Space and Nature from YouTube

Carcinogenic EMF radiation from devices is transmutable via ancient Egyptian applied physics. Harmonic Artworks also open the gateway to co-create with the higher harmonic engineers of the natural world. The result = EMF shielding + human evolution.

Technology allows us a certain utility upon which we have become dependent, yet electromagnetic radiation entering our body from the devices we carry and wear is a known carcinogen; with scientists and doctors in 40 countries warning us about 5G raising our exposure from 6Ghz to 300Ghz. Harmonic Artworks applies ancient Egyptian physics to design authentic, aesthetic EMF shielding and offer a vital reconnection with higher harmonic intelligence. Known to the ancient Egyptians as NeTeRs, from which the word Nature is derived, these elemental forces hold the keys to sustainable technology and thus our future on Earth. The company achieved the target application in 2015 and after a break is poised to collaborate with producers of wearables and other products used in close proximity to the body.

Jadene Mayla is a multimedia artist with an MFA in Applied Craft + Design from both Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art, a BLA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, a certificate in Permaculture Design from Cascadia Permaculture Institute, and a certificate in BioGeometry Foundations Training from the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies. She maintains an active studio practice and has exhibited at the Port of Portland, Gresham Arts Committee Industrial Show, Findlay Group, Spectacular Design, Legacy Modern, Furthermore Gallery, Horsehead Gallery, Bar Maven, Launchpad Gallery, Cascade Gallery, Seven Virtues, Stylus Grooves, The Mansion, the Division Design Initiative, and the Synesthesia and Burning Man arts festivals. Her work
has been published in Nothing Sacred, the Clearwater Environmental Connector, Lake Oswego Neighbors Magazine, Alternatives Journal, the Portland Mercury, the Eugene Weekly, Untitled Magazine, the Center Street Literary Journal, Southern Oregon Magazine, and Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Her awards include May 2016 Artist of the Month for Findlay, a $12K scholarship for strength of proposal to the MFA AC+D program from PNCA/OCAC in 2013, Eco-Biz status since 2007, and first place in the H.O.P.E.S. national design competition in 2005. She has served on the National Honor Society and as Vice President for the American Center for Sustainability, given invited talks at Clackamas Community College and Ujima Center, lead workshops at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, Northwest Regional Permaculture Gathering, Village Building Convergence, and SE Portland Permaculture Convergence, and she was a co-founder of the Eugene City Repair Project.

I missed this particular coffee meetup earlier this year. Jadene pitched this idea to me this morning. Sadly having seen this I’m unlikely to think it has any basis in science at all despite her protestations that it does. Of course this also doesn’t mean that one could make it the basis of some type of lifestyle business, which is what she’s attempting to do.

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