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Testing out the Narwahl microblog plugin for posing quick notes to my website. Seems relatively slick, though the interface also includes the ability to post a title and it seems to throw a php error. I do wish the text box was a bit smaller along with a few other simple UI tweaks. Otherwise pretty ...
testing out a reply.
Hopefully this fixes it a bit?
Third time’s the charm? Sempress (includes reply context, but without proper markup)
How about with IW Publisher child? – has too big an h-card
And now with IW Publisher? – also too big an h-card for some reason
With Independent publisher? – did as well as mine; proper h-card; included reply context
With IW16? How will it look? – does perfectly for replies and doesn’t include context, but don’t like the way it appears on my own site.
Finally circling back to my slightly modified 2016 child.
Let’s also not forget to see how replies look from a relatively standard TwentyFifteen site, which is a good simple look for a personal site.

The question now is will having added h-entry to 2015 bork replies to others?–let’s see if the second time is the charm?–third time is the charm with h-entry in seemingly the correct place now.
Those all failed, but if we wrap the_content with e-content, maybe?

Making sure I haven’t broken anything yet. Circling back again to see if the h-card is working properly again.

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