Checked into Drago Centro
A rescheduled dinner with Scott and Carrie Nocas in downtown Los Angeles. 

I started out with a wonderful Old Fashioned in the bar while waiting for a few minutes. A very subtle, yet sweet mixing here with an incredibly welcome twist of orange.

We began with the burrata salad (burrata, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, pancetta, basil pesto) and a toro special for the night. 

For dinner I demolished the Ossobuco (braised ossobuco, brussels sprouts, cipollini, creamy polenta, and salsa verde). The onions were particularly fantastic.

I got voted down for dessert, but the chef sent out some small amuse bouche desserts. I suspect it had been a slow week, and definitely a slow night (by typical Drago standards), so they were carefully balancing getting rid of some of their leftovers here. They were delicious, though the pastry pieces were definitely past their prime.

In all, a lovely outing with some excellent company.

525 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA, 90071, United States

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