Headshots of all the characters from Season 7
Watched "The West Wing" The Mommy Problem from Netflix

Directed by Alex Graves. Despite vigorous campaigning, the Santos campaign still struggles to articulate its message and keep the focus on domestic issues rather than gossip and trivia. Although Santos served decades in the military and remains in the reserves, Vinick still appears the stronger candidate on national security issues due to stereotypes about Republicans and Democrats. The White House's decision to halt their own investigation into the leak is a savvy legal move, however it could prove to be costly politically: while Vinick can slam the President for this decision, it's not so easy for Santos to do so. Josh reluctantly recruits help with running the campaign when it becomes obvious that he's trying to do too much himself.

Josh Lyman walking through a phalanx of reporters

“His name is Bruce, he’s a flight attendant on Aer Lingus.” 

This line gets me every time.


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