Replied to Into the Personal-Website-Verse (2019) (Hacker News)

The known documentation makes it seem like you can just sign up for a play site with withknown, but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore? —citizenkeen

I think they turned off the free sites/hosting a year or two ago, but the opensource project is still around and doing well. It’s not hard to spin up an instance with the opensource software and I think there are still a few hosts like Reclaim Hosting that offer one button installs of it.

This is a definitely a fun idea. Andy Bell created a project a year ago to do just this sort of thing. Try out:

Yes. There are a few smaller webrings about, but blog discovery is a problem unsolved. —banfeld

Here’s a list of several including an “IndieWeb Ring” that was started in the last two years that features personal websites:

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