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Reflecting on my year as a failed flânerie, I take on space as a new word and a new approach to my one word. I am not exactly sure what I thought 2019 would be, but I certainly did not not expect what I got. My one word was flânerie. So many aspects of my life are structured, I therefore felt I ne...
Perhaps it may not be as transparent to you as I may have found it, but just yesterday I was reading a thread by Venkatesh Rao about the idea of “solving for life”. While it focuses on how we treat and deal with others, I think it could also apply to how we treat ourselves, and as such it may be useful framing for you while reflecting about your flânerie experiment. I thought of it specifically where you said, “With my limited time wedged between family and work, I was often left trying to achieve more than was possible.

I’m still thinking about the broader implications of the essay and want to revisit it a few more times, but it had an interesting concept which seems worth considering further.


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  1. Thank you as always Chris for your thoughts. I read the thread, however like you I think I need to revisit it again. I must admit I think it maybe something of a misnomer to consider my year of flânerie as a failure. I think the failure was my expectations. Although there was an element of time, I also think there was an element of willpower.

    Venkatesh Rao’s discussion of contraints left me thinking again about Annabelle Crabb’s discussion of the Wife drought.

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