RSVPed Attending Innovate Pasadena Adriana Torresan: What Your Startup Can Learn From My Failure

Online event: July 10, 2020 at 08:30AM - 09:15AM

We have all failed or will fail at one point or another in life. The lessons that I learned after spending 3 years building my startup and failing, I learned by myself. What I’m sharing here is personal to me and my experience.

How I see it now is that I have two options: I can either keep what I learned to myself and apply it to my next venture, or I can share it with you. I like to think that the world would be a much better place if we all share more, give more, and connect more. I hope these lessons will help you save money and time with MVP iterations, and consequently, achieve product-market fit faster.

To get a head start, read the blog post that inspirited this talk 3 Lessons Learned From My Startup Failure. This talk is for visionaries, entrepreneurs, product managers or any one with the dream to one day start working on your own ideas. The time is actually NOW!

Bio: Adriana T. Torresan
Adriana T. Torresan is a seasoned product expert and serial founder, with a deep passion for the transformations that occur at the intersection of business, people and technology. She has helped create and build products for a variety of platforms, technologies and industries, including Disney Imagineering, BMW, Capital Group and Age of Learning. Today, she helps startups achieve product-market fit and accelerate their growth by implementing the “Fearless Product Strategy,” a framework guided by authentic data (no misleading interpretations) and audacious experiments. Because now, more than ever, we need vision, honesty and courage to reach optimal exits.

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