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RSVPed Attending Innovate Pasaddena: Creating Lifelike Animate Companions that Enhance our Lives

Online event: July 17, 2020 at 08:30AM - 10:00AM

Moxie is an animate companion that promotes social and emotional development through play-based learning. Paolo Pirjanian will show a demo and speak to his journey developing Moxie and his vision for how technology can improve and enhance our lives.

We're at a tipping point of a paradigm shift in the way we will interact with technology. Embodied is aiming to lead this charge through an advanced social interface that respects humans’ natural modes of interaction, beyond simple verbal commands, to enable the next generation of computing, and to power a new class of machines that will change the world around us. Paolo will discuss how he and his team at Embodied are rethinking and reinventing how human-machine interaction is done - starting with the recent announcement of Moxie.

Moxie is an animate companion that helps children build social, emotional, and cognitive skills through everyday play-based learning and engaging content developed in association with experts in child development and education. Embodied has assembled a world class team of experts in engineering, technology, game design, and entertainment to bring to life a robot with machine learning technology that allows it to perceive, process and respond to natural conversation, eye contact, facial expressions and other behavior as well as recognize and recall people, places, and things.

Paolo will speak to his journey developing Moxie and his vision for how technology can improve and enhance our lives.

BIO: Paolo Pirjanian
Paolo Pirjanian is the former CTO of iRobot and early leader in the field of consumer robotics with 16+ years of experience developing and commercializing cutting-edge home robots. He led world-class teams and companies at iRobot®, Evolution Robotics®, and others. In 2016, Paolo founded Embodied, Inc. with the vision to build socially and emotionally intelligent companions that improve care and wellness and enhance our daily lives.

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  1. This AI-based robot was pretty cool looking and seemed to work pretty well, but then again the demo was with the creator who knows best how to interact with it.

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