Little Free Library #8424 is Back in Business

Late this morning I finished building and installing a brand new Little Free Library on Harding Avenue between New York Dr. and Berendo St. in beautiful Northeast Altadena, CA!

Last year, we decommissioned our trusty old library after more than four years of service because one of the doors fell off and it need more significant repairs than we were able to provide. Now, just in time for our fifth anniversary next week on July 28th, we’ve replaced the library with a beautiful new model that should last for the next several years.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the books. Please take the appropriate precautions with physical distancing (one patron at a time please), and follow recommended guidelines for hand-washing.

Currently there are a variety of books: fiction to non-fiction, children’s board books to adult fare; classics to contemporary; and paperbacks to hardcovers. Many are either new or generally very lightly used. Come today to see what we’ve got that may be of interest you. There are even some free erasers for little readers.

And remember our general guidelines: Take a book. Leave a book.


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