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David Shanske is one of the authors of one of the core IndieWeb plugins for WordPress: IndieAuth. It looks like he is depricating the use of as a provider. Makes sense with WordPress as the idea is really to use the built-in authentication method in WordPress itself, not another provider.

So, going forward, I’ve decided that I’ll be disabling the code from the IndieWeb WordPress plugin that allows you to use in favor of the built-in solution. Those who want to use an external service will still be able to do so, but this will be an ‘expert’ feature. Because enabling a plugin and it just working is what most people want.

David Shanske on the future of the WordPress IndieAuth Plugin

Honestly, I didn’t even know you could use as a provider. I assumed when I set it up that the entire idea was to use your site as a sort of IAM or SSO provider. I guess this confirms that my assumption was correct.

Keep up the great work, guys!

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