What I wouldn’t give for a web browser feature wherein I could log into it with my URL and have the browser query my website to show me when I’ve previously read, liked, favorited, replied, etc. to the content on a particular URL.

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

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  1. @c Interesting. Though I understand the jist of the feature, the think read is already covered with browser history? Also I believe Micropub doesn’t support a search query yet. Else would be a handy plugin.

    1. The Micropub session this morning in the IWC pop-up discussed adding exactly that query which is what prompted my note. Browser history only works if it’s not cleared and browsers really don’t surface that data in their UI.

    1. Grant, there are a few UI examples of this that are somewhat close to this sort of functionality. I’ve documented some of them in the past as interesting models that could be iterated upon for this sort of use case.

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