Read [Notes] Timeful texts, Matuschak & Nielsen by Peter Hartree (Google Docs)
“To be transformed by a book, readers must do more than absorb information: they must bathe in the book’s ideas, relate those ideas to experiences in their lives over weeks and months, try on the book’s mental models like a new hat. Unfortunately, readers must drive that process for themselves. A...

I would like to have a one-click subscribe podcast feed that contains interviews with people I follow on Twitter — new releases and periodic highlights from the past. That’d be quite easy to build on top of the ListenNotes API. Anything to shift away from the “latest episodes” feed as the default, argh. Has someone done this? Breaker? 

You might be able to cobble something like this together with using tags and some clever searches.

Annotated on August 15, 2020 at 11:04PM

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