Read - Want to Read: Dysgu Cymraeg ( Y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol)
Hwn yw'r cwrs cenedlaethol ar gyfer oedolion sy'n dysgu'r Gymraeg ar lefel Mynediad (A1). Mae'r llyfr i'w ddefnyddio mewn dosbarth. Mae pob uned yn cyflwyno thema wahanol, ynghyd a geirfa a phatrymau iaith newydd. Mae'r cwrs yn datblygu'r pedair sgil iaith - siarad, darllen, ysgrifennu a gwrando. Mae adran Gwaith Cartref ym mhob uned. This is the national Welsh for Adults course book for learners at Entry level (A1). The book is intended for use in a classroom. Each unit looks at a different theme and introduces new vocabulary and language patterns. The course will provide practice for developing all four language skills - speaking, reading, writing and listening. There is a homework section in each unit.

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