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One of the major new features I have in this rewrite is WebMention support. WebMentions allow compatible websites to "mention" my articles or other pages on my main domains by sending a specially formatted HTTP request to mi. I am still in the early stages of integrating mi into my site code, but eventually I hope to have a list of places that articles are mentioned in each post. The WebMention endpoint for my site is I have added WebMention metadata into the HTML source of the blog pages as well as in the Link header as the W3 spec demands. If you encounter any issues with this feature, please let me know so I can get it fixed as soon as possible.
Congratulations on getting Webmentions working! (I love your site btw!) 

There are a bunch of us out here that can send and receive them, you just have to poke around a bit to find the (ever-growing) community. Services like and those involved in the IndieWeb will (often, though not always) have support for it. Here’s a short Twitter list of people whose personal sites likely have the ability to send and receive webmentions as well.

One of the largest senders is which sends Webmentions on behalf of services like Twitter, Mastodon, Instagram, etc. If you set your site up to syndicate content to those sources and register with, it will send likes, replies, comments, etc. to your site as webmentions. Ideally this is meant to aggregate all the conversation around your posts to your own site.

Are you displaying them on your site as well?

As a visual indicator on posts, I took an extra step to add a Webmention button/badge and a URL field to my posts with a note about webmentions so that people could send them manually even if their platform/CMS isn’t capable of doing it automatically yet. (I don’t have a lot of direct evidence yet that these things help except for edge cases, or when I want to force mentions of my website from my referral logs.)

Oprah meme photo of her pointing at audience members with the overlaid text: You get a webmention, and you get a webmention! Everybody gets a webmention!


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