A few quick notes from the New_Public Festival:

Darius Kazemi:

Darius is running a project called Friend Camp, a Mastodon instance https://friend.camp/about/more


Just launched a new social app in the Apple store a few minutes ago. Working on the project https://planetary.social/.

Golda Velez:

Has a proposal for Twitter’s Blue Sky for message encapsulation. More details by searching Blue Sky on Hacker Noon.


Building because there is a path in social media 2.0 that we lost. There is a lot of adversiting money to be made, and that’s fine, but it’s deeply problematic.

It’s easy to criticize Twitter and Facebook, but it’s an unfair problem. They have an impossible task because the structure is wrong. How can we come together as humans instead of having the shopping mall do the enforcement?

Bolting on work to existing platforms where one can be deleted is not a good idea.

Darius Kazemi:

Hopes that you’ll have different political places, but other places too. Places built around ethoses that aren’t tied to particular political parties or idologies.

I want to provide a place where people don’t hate their lives. The hook isn’t that it’s decentralized, but that you’ll be happier here.

Golda Velez:

We want to have a safe space where people can do creative things together.

You have to have a federated system with accountability. A graduated system of sanctions. Some democratic way of determining what those things are.

Eli Pariser 🏞📲:

Loved what @tinysubversions wrote on https://runyourown.social/

Golda Velez:

Any tool you build, attackers will use (and abuse) it.

Darius Kazemi:

Keeping nodes of communities smaller (50 people) helps to prevent context collapse. It also minimizes the reporting system from being an attack vector.

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