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Reflecting on my year in space last year and my theme of ideas for the new year. For a few years now, inspired by Kath Murdoch, I have been choosing a word to focus on each year. Last year I made a change, where rather than thinking about outcomes, I instead turned to inquiry. Inspired by a few ref...
I like this idea. My own word for the year is “anthropology”, though I haven’t written it out yet as you have.

I can’t help but thinking you picked a helluva a year to choose “space.”

Given your current word, the first few things that come immediately to mind and which you may appreciate are:

  • Matthew Ridley’s talk on When Ideas have sex
  • Richard Dawkins work on the idea of memes in The Selfish Gene (Oxford, 1976). While the whole book is a classic, he’s got a chapter or two specifically on memes where the term was coined.
  • And finally, I was at a presentation last year that had some fascinating framing around the difference between what we mean when we say idea versus concept.

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