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This is a fun looking little IndieWeb project with a blogging engine and reading functionality built right in. Can’t wait to see how it evolves.

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

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  1. Chris Aldrich says:

    My first question is can I map my own domain name onto it?
    (Yes, for a small monthly fee of $3.99 with a few other features as well.)

    I particularly like the fact that one can start testing out the service without even providing an email, creating a password, etc. You can just start it up and kick the tires a bit without even having an account. Very clever and something that has been discussed as UI more services should offer.

    My browser still remembers my accountless test post from over a month ago

    The other bit of functionality I always look for on services like these is the ability to export data to other platforms. That is also usually a positive signal on behalf of the creators who may be charging for services.

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