Hello Donald McKenzie! 👋🏼

For quite a while I regularly see Donald McKenzie pop up in the “likes” on my website. Usually WordPress notifications for this sort of activity encourage you to visit the sites of those who do this and they have a link to some sort of identity or blog of the person who left the like. But alas, I suspect Donald only has a reader account and doesn’t blog themself. 

This makes me wonder, who is Donald McKenzie?! If you’re reading this, do take a moment to say hello in the comments. And thanks for being such a loyal reader all these years! 😍 

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

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