Watched "The Staircase" The Beating Heart from HBO Max
Directed by Leigh Janiak. With Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dane DeHaan. In the aftermath of the verdict, the Petersons struggle with the court's decision, and Michael finds solace in an unlikely friendship from thousands of miles away.

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

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  1. Rick says:

    Hi Chris. When I decided to leave a comment I couldn’t remember where I entered the plentitude of your productions. I think I found you through the Zettellkasten description in Wikipedia.

    After crawling around some of your creations and following many of the links you provide, I came to the conclusion that you seem a renaissance “man”/person (if you prefer) in what I consider the truest sense of the term. Even before reaching the conclusion, the question in my mind is/was “where and how does he find the time”? I thought that the name Chris Aldrich might be the pseudonym of a whole company of people that churned out the mass of information that you seem to publish.

    My hat is off to you.

    I have wondered a quite a few questions. I imagine the answers exist somewhere in breadth of information that you have posted. Other than where you find the time? I wondered if you started life in Britain? I don’t know, I just got a vibe. I wondered, what is your educational background? A classical education, I’m guessing. I just found that you represent people in the entertainment community. I’m guessing that you work for yourself?

    If you get a chance drop a line. And thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Chris Aldrich says:

    I’m reminded of hearing that the group that went by the pseudonym Nicolas Bourbaki all decided to give up and disband when they heard that Serge Lang was just one person.

    I too am just a single person, but certainly one could spread rumors to the contrary. The apparent image can be seen to be propped up when you realize I post and host everything on my own website (usually first) compared others who put their content online across several dozen social media services where it’s harder to aggregate, search, and reuse. Otherwise I spend a lot of my free time reading and taking notes instead of doomscrolling social media. I’m glad that there are a couple who find it interesting much less inspiring, so thanks for that.

    I started out in the rural South in the United States and there’s nothing British about me aside from my genetic roots which probably tend more to the Scots-Irish and Welsh. My background is primarily engineering and the sciences, but I’ve read fairly broadly within the humanities, and that may show through from time to time. You’ll find more at or by surfing around here…

    What about you Rick? Where are you from? What’s your background? Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Rick Y says:

    Hey Chris. My apologies for the delay, I’m usually a little better at follow up. I’ve been under the weather for about a month, quite a few of my “to do’s” have slipped.
    OOOPS, I’d written this out and was about to send it as a reply, when I saw that it was through your site and a “donotreply”. Oddly, there are somethings I would share with a singular stranger but not strangers of the world at large. Does that make sense to you? Although I don’t touch on it below, I’ve yet to make the full jump into social media. Mainly, due to privacy, piracy, and identity theft. Generally I don’t put anything in writing that I wouldn’t say in person. Possibly most of all, I taught school at a place called Fort Meade in Maryland, it can be a very ominous place.
    I’ve found my delving into your social feeds interesting on more than one level. I believe I thought you were British because some of the first posts I saw were from your food section where you were exploring Scones and jam. It sounded like an admirable pursuit. I might have mentioned my surprise that you were an entertainer representative. Again, my interests in your feed had me looking into certain aspects of your life that I find interesting. Perhaps, where I looked on your feed didn’t represent the “whole” of you. My preconception of entertainment personalities is very limited to what little I mistakenly see on TV before I turn to the next channel. I don’t think I have a personal bias towards entertainers; although, I do believe that so much of the news about and for people is geared to spin to a greater design and may have little to do with the actual attributes of the person or events. From what I gathered from your feed is that you were/are a thinking, involved, evolved person. Which, doesn’t usually come across with entertainers. I’m not sure I’d be good at interacting on a professional level with the entertainment industry. But, as is often the case, “we ride the horse we’re given and ride for the win”.
    I’m currently in South Florida, the Jupiter area. I’m somewhat retired but being pulled back into the business world. We bought our first vacation home here about 12 years ago when real estate was still depressed. We moved here from the mid-Atlantic area about 7 years ago. We came from Annapolis Maryland. I would say that I was brought up in, on, and around the Chesapeake Bay. There aren’t that many things I miss about Maryland but the bay is one of them. 
    One of the most intriguing items in your very long list of interests is your personal website and the spread through to the social media services. I’ll show my age here; (67) I started in the PC industry at the beginning. I sold Apple products before Macintosh and IBM PC’s existed. I got into the computer industry because I believed that computers could fill certain holes in our lives; or like most people say, they would help make our lives easier. After about 40 years I’m still searching for the apps, programs, and or hardware to take over some of those jobs. Like you, I have been playing with a rocketbook and its systems. Unfortunately, I think for commercial reasons, they (RB) remain stuck with a product and venue that doesn’t satisfy the needs and desires of a larger cross section of the population, and so remains a niche product. They want to sell the hardbound product of “pen and paper” and remain with it. 
    For instance, I’ll ask you, does the Rocketbook product fulfill all of your tactile needs for manual writing and artistic interpretation? I believe I read that you like fountain pens. I don’t think that there is a compatible fountain pen for rocketbook. Would it better fulfill your needs if it did? I also thought I saw that you enjoy Calligraphy. Once again, other than using the rocketbook beacons I don’t think calligraphy works with RB. Would it be better for you if it did? Maybe I didn’t see or find it on your site, have you used the Paper web site? I like their idea. But, it seems to suffer from having to be on their site. It doesn’t look like you can own your own data.
    I’ll apologize for the delving marketing questions. For most of my life, I see holes in things, things not getting done, or things that can be done better or easier, and I see a new business. For instance, your own website. I love the idea. I’ve been able to do a bit of following from your links; Rocketbook, paper/web, indie web, tiny projects, Zettelkasten are all fantastic ideas. Your integration of these items blows my mind! I’m nowhere near your level of knowledge of these items, but I am learning. Since the beginning of time, actually, computer integration time, I’ve worried about the whole ownership of information, privacy, and hijacking. One of the holes I saw in your social media ownership profile, for me, is that while you own your own site/information you don’t truly have a personal container (or backup) of that site/information. If, as you gave examples of, the host goes down, or down the tubes, all could be lost. As well, the authoring, and then integration of the information seems a little less than ideal. Please don’t be put off by that statement. We each have our own ways and “toys” to work and play with. The work that you’ve done blows me away. My pursuits and play tend to wander in slightly different directions than yours. I don’t believe I found a description of your workflow. Does a description exist? When you use different tools do you use different workflows? Is the workflow for calligraphy and getting it posted the same as the workflow for posting “found” knowledge and original thought? I saw that when using the RB system you have it OCR and send to GDrive and so on. Or, you send to Gdrive and let Gdrive do the OCR. That doesn’t get it to your wordpress or out to the social sites. I use IFTTT for a few things of that nature but have not had success with all of the implementations. (Especially and specifically, , ) 
    Having been inspired by your direction I have started on a path that may parallel yours. I’ve alway loved computers, the boxes, the hardware side. I’ve built boxes since the beginning. Many builders build game machines. I’m terrible at games, I love playing but I’m no good. With my boxes I’ve usually created something I thought useful, a media center, a streaming box, a server. To run this stuff, it gets very expensive, if not impossible, to do with Macs or PC’s, so I started using Linux boxes. Over the years the linux offerings have become more user friendly which is good for me because I’m not a programmer or coder. I’ve built my own websites, in the ancient past, before the “dotcom” bubble”. I’ve done some programming, in the pre-historic past, DBase3 and the like. I’m not good at this stuff. However, from your pursuits, it tickled an idea for me; a personally curated and owned website that is actually at home or work and then echoed to the web. It’s not a new idea, as I found the tools to make it happen, people are doing the very same thing. I suppose my slant is to take that idea and integrate and emulate your workflow, that way I’ll always have my data and its ownership on hand.
    I have quite a few empty PC boxes. For my purposes however, I wanted something smaller and more energy efficient. I had a few Raspberry Pi (RPI) units sitting around doing nothing, even a newer Pi 4. Due to the global shortage of chips and getting things built in China these units are next to impossible to get unless you pay crazy high premiums. I was fairly sure that I’d seen server software for them. I was correct, there are quite a few organizations doing server software some examples are here . The real interest was not to run this thing at home, but to run it at home and have access outside through the cloud. After some searching I came across a few examples, , , . I am not sure why I decided on using this variation at, , possibly because I’ve used some of its components previously in other projects. The install has had its share of bumps and hurdles as most of these things do. Sometimes the author being familiar with what he/she is doing doesn’t include the little things that their fingers do automatically. And, time moves on. I found this in 2022, some of the comments go back to  2017. The components that make up the system have certainly been updated and may not always fit together in the same way. Testing and building is moving on, slowly.
    If you are tempted to follow this path, since I don’t know your background with linux, I ran into the following problems. It seems that the initial installation isn’t/doesn’t make an allowance for “headless” (no screen attached) remote management. OR, I may not be aware enough to make use of what may be installed and I can’t access it. The second issue is, Iphone, Android app integration. The apps exist to go into owncloud. However, I’ve not been able to establish the working link. Owncloud rejects the request for a “handshake” entry. One forum said it might be due to the previous issue, possibly the SSH (Secure Shell) communication. It was suggested that the iphone would only communicate through a secure port. I checked. It looked like a SSH system was installed. I wasn’t familiar with the program that was used. I uninstalled it and installed openSSH which I’d used before. Still, no joy. I suppose I’ll end here, as I may have already caused your eyes to roll back in their sockets! (I mean no offence. If it’s not in your wheelhouse you would have no interest) The one thing I found that might be of interest to you is the project that uses a RPI for WordPress, . I think I’d read that you still maintained a presence with wordpress and thought it might interest you. I’m going to read it through to see if it might be a better path for me.
    To sum up my authoring quest: (This may be a note more to myself than to you!)
    Have a web server at “home”Have a cloned site on the webAuthor in a written form (plain paper) and convey through to the web with easeAuthor in a typewritten form and convey with easeAuthor in photo and video and convey with easePopulate automagically to social media if desired
    I hope you find this entertaining or even helpful. If you have some time I would love to hear about your workflow (or just point me in that direction)
    Drop a line. I always like to hear and learn new things. 
    Oh, if you get to South Florida let me know. I’ll buy you a drink. We always like to welcome people to our South Florida Paradise
    Rick (Hmmmm, the box doesn’t like formatting!)

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