Is anyone practicing sketchnotes like patterns in their notes?

I’ve noticed that u/khimtan has a more visual stye of note taking with respect to their cards, but is anyone else doing this sort of visualization-based type of note taking in the vein of sketchnotes or r/sketchnoting? I’ve read books by Mike Rohde and Emily Mills and tinkered around in the space, but haven’t actively added it to my practice tacitly. For those who do, do you have any suggestions/tips? I suspect that even simple drollery-esque images on cards would help with the memory/recall aspects. This may go even further for those with more visual-based modes of thinking and memory.

For those interested in more, as well as some intro videos, here are some of my digital notes:

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  1. Nice gem on sketchnoting. Just followed.

    I’ve done this more after I’ve developed a framework or model. Meaning I typically find myself creating diagrams that explain the thoughts I’ve developed after I’ve created a stream of thought (4-6 cards) explaining something.

    Fiona McPherson has some good suggestions/tips in her book on Effective Notetaking. In general it revolves around using relevant icons for your illustrations and limiting your supporting text of the diagrams. (I.e. Have a good icon that explains the process and only 2-4 words paired with the icon).

  2. Sacha Chua says:

    I add Zettelkasten-type IDs to my sketches (yyyy-mm-dd-##) so that I can link to them from other sketches’ filenames or from my text files. I post my public sketches at , and I’ve rigged up my site so that I can easily link to them by the IDs (ex: ). Works reasonably well for me. =)

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