Continuing on with my bullet journal-like Memindex practice using 4 x 6 inch index cards for 2024. Happy to continue answering questions about it for the curious.

View down onto a table with 12 piles of index cards and tabbed dividers in a 3 row x 4 column layout. Row one has a pile of tabbed cards by month, a printed January 2024 calendar, a pile of January 2024 cards for monthly items, priorities and to do lists, a pile of tabbed cards labeled today, monthly, and future. Row two has piles for 1/5 cut tab dividers numbered 1-31 for the days of the month, 31 cards stamped for all the days of January (for daily to dos and events), a gridded tracker card with lines and dates for tracking weight, water, caffeine, sleep and mood, and tabbed dividers labeled: priority, projects, notes, file, blank. Row three has a tabbed divider for 2024 with a mini-calendar of all 12 months in a 3x4 grid, a pile of 12 purple cards the top one reads January Birthdays and Anniversaries, a pile of purple, blue, green, yellow, and red cards colored for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual events and chores respectively, and a pile of tabbed dividers with the labels: Eisenhower Matrix, Crisis, Schedule, Distraction, and Defer. Lying across the gridded tracker card is a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto gel ink multi pen in silver with four ink cartridges—blue and orange are showing.

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Chris Aldrich

I'm a biomedical and electrical engineer with interests in information theory, complexity, evolution, genetics, signal processing, IndieWeb, theoretical mathematics, and big history. I'm also a talent manager-producer-publisher in the entertainment industry with expertise in representation, distribution, finance, production, content delivery, and new media.

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  1. Nick Simson says:

    Sorry if you’ve answered this elsewhere, but where can one find/order those 4×6 tab folders?

    1. Chris Aldrich says:

      I think I got all of these from Amazon originally:
      Smead 1/3 cut manilla
      Oxford 1/3 cut manilla laminated monthly
      1/5 cut colored plastic dividers with which I use Avery 5148 labels

  2. Joe Van Cleave says:

    I was a Hipster PDA advocate in the early aughts, I even made a cleanroom version (plastic covers and cleanroom paper) for use in a chip fab!

  3. Paul says:

    Two of these – the 1-year and 1-month calendars – appear to be printed.
    Do you print these yourself, and if so, do you print directly on 10×15 paper or on larger sheets which you cut to size?

    I am asking because I have yet to find a decent way to print on 10×15 paper (4×6 inches).

    1. Chris Aldrich says:

      I think some of these printed versions were downloaded from I’ve seen some on Etsy sell pre-printed variations, but I’ve never tried them before. One can custom format paper outputs for printing on most printers though, it just takes some work depending on the editing software you’re using and how well they allow your printing outputs. Cutting sheets to size is certainly a way to go too.

      I’ve not looked into it, but Avery may have some 4 x 6″ preformatted templates you could use in programs like Microsoft Word and then print the outputs. Look at, for example.

      1. Giovani di Gesu says:

        Is there a description of the method/workflow you would like to share? Read your post with the lovely photos – looks like a bullet journal.

  4. manamesjaff says:

    I love this. Need to stare at this picture a while longer until I can understand. But I love it.

    Syndicated copies:

  5. Chris Aldrich says:

    Beyond staring and puzzling (which should work especially those familiar with the traditional notebook-based bullet journaling), perhaps these may help:

    Young, Pam, and Peggy Jones. Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise. Edited by Sydney Craft Rozen. 1977. Reprint, New York: Warner Books, 1981.

    1. Giovani di Gesu says:

      Found it. Very good book by Ms. Young and Ms. Jones!
      It is a Method/1 for the commoners . Very sensible.

      Thank you.

      (Method/1 – a systems design methodology by one of the big consulting firms).

    2. Giovani di Gesu says:

      Regarding Hawk Sugano, I was a big fan of his and his PoIC system.

      A few weeks ago, I did try to find him on the web, without success.
      Have you heard of or read about him recently?

      1. Chris Aldrich says:

        I haven’t seen anything recent from hawkexpress. The only stuff I’ve been able to find is his old site on His Flickr account hasn’t been active since 2015, but his Facebook account was active in the last month:


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