Read Blog Diet: A Starter List For Your RSS Reader by Warren EllisWarren Ellis (WARREN ELLIS LTD)
People keep asking me where I find stuff, or where to start with an RSS reader. I exported my subscruptions, and damn, there are a LOT of dead blogs out there. Here is a selection of blogs from the list of ones I think are still active. Like I say, it’s just a bit of my active subscriptions list, but maybe you’ll find something you want to follow.
Thanks Warren for curating an interesting list here. I recognize a handful of great sites, including ribbon farm which makes the list twice. Can’t wait to take a look at some of the ones I don’t follow regularly. I do wish there was an OPML version of the list I could subscribe to though.

hat tip: Kicks Condor, who coincidentally highlighted this list in his most recent HREFHUNT post (2019-11-11). Kudos to Kicks for also being included in the list itself!

Read HrefHunt! by Kicks CondorKicks Condor (Kicks Condor)
UPDATED, 11 Nov 2019. Okay, this month’s links are culled from a handful of little threads here and there. @pjrvs’ thread asking: “who has the best personal website/blog?” (I skipped the popular ones or those I’d already discovered.) HN thread, same question. ‘The Internet of creation di...
I’m glad Kicks circled back to this, there’s always some fun and interesting material hiding within the list.