Checkin Twohey’s Restaurant

Checked into Twohey's Restaurant

Apparently they’re closing this location on January 31st! Not sure where they’re moving to afterwards.

It was a painful experience tonight as the expected wait time of 20-30 minutes went to over an hour and clocked in at about an hour and a half before we were served. I’ve been a couple of times a year always saying that “maybe it will be as good as it ‘used to'” but every time I’m kidding myself and swear I’ll never return. Sadly after such terrible wait times, the burger I ordered came out lukewarm and had to be sent back. Worse, they apparently threw it into a microwave to fix the problem. I suppose this is to be expected from what is primarily a Sysco sourced operation. I’d have been better off with the In-N-Out next door.

I won’t be returning.

Tonight I had the steakhouse blue burger with sweet potato fries and a diet coke (2 refills) and topped it off with a chocolate fudge ice cream sundae. I blew it and didn’t get a photo of the burger which was at least good looking.

Checkin Plate 38

Checked into Plate 38
Let the vacation begin!

Checkin at Home

Checked into Home (Silverlake)
Brunch at Home

Checkin The San Marino Grill

Checked into The San Marino Grill
This looks like a cute little breakfast joint. Very friendly.