Reminder: What about the idea of creating a stand-alone version of a page builder plugin like Beaver Builder with a layer of IndieAuth and Micropub on top that would make it a potential Micropub client? I’ve pitched the idea that could quickly be turned into a micropub client, why not these? Create a page and it’s general layout in a page building client and then send the payload to your website without the need to have the code running directly on your website!

I briefly spitballed the general idea of this with Robby McCullough today.

There’s also the potential that an IndieAuth/Micropub set up could be created to give advertising platforms the ability to access smaller portions of a website to essentially inject advertising into a site’s sidebars, footers, or content directly, maybe on a pay-per-pixel basis. I’d really have to implicitly trust an advertisement server to allow this however.

📺 Assistant v0.2 – Productivity Plugin for WordPress | YouTube

Watched Assistant v0.2 - Productivity Plugin for WordPress from YouTube
Assistant is an every day productivity tool for WordPress from the team that makes Beaver Builder. It exposes many of the tasks you do frequently right at your finger tips on the front end of your site. Assistant is free and is currently in the early stages of development and we welcome your feedback. This video is a look at our v0.2 release. You can install Assistant from the WordPress plugin repo for free.