Read Are you a 2X, 1.5X or 1X audiobook listener? by Danika Ellis (Book Riot)
I’ll be honest: since the pandemic began, my attention span has been on a steady decline. Nowadays I watch movies on Netflix in ten minute chunks, because that’s how long I can hold out before I’m clicking away to something else. Between having the attention span of a gnat and not having my usual commute or routine, I haven’t been reading much. Sitting down with a book makes me feel restless, which is frustrating because I’ve built so much of my identity around being a reader. Lately, it’s more my speed to listen to a mindless podcast while I play Animal Crossing (I seem to need at least two forms of distraction at any one time).
I’m usually 1.25x-1.5x depending on the topic. It’s rare that I slow down to 1.0x unless it’s a highly technical topic.