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Walking into a Honda dealership during the 70’s was a glorious time for families and parents, but for kids it wasn’t the most ideal of places to be. Honda Motor Company wanted to capitalize the possibilities of selling to youngsters and a toy-line segment that seemed void amongst what current dealerships offered. Soon Honda Introduced the Honda Kick ‘N Go or Honda Roller-Through GOGO in Japan. The idea for the scooter came from an “Idea” contest held by Honda and it’s employees internally. Akuto, a subsidiary of Honda helped develop the Kick ‘N Go for it’s release.
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Wished for Honda Kick 'n Go

I had one of these as a kid and really loved it. Ever since kick scooters came back into vogue around 2000, I’ve always wondered why these never came back. While it’s easy enough to use your foot on the ground, I always thought it was more convenient to be able to kick the same thing to create the locomotion.