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If iA is getting into physical notebooks, I’m hoping they’ll also attach the other leg of the triangle with their app’s Micropub support and allow me to publish my handwriting to my website. See: for details.
I ran across ProseMirror yesterday and my first thought was: I want this for writing and posting to my website! Not having the time or experience to set it up and integrate it myself, I wonder if there’s a public instance of it on the web that has Micropub integration?

That would allow it to publish to to several dozen different CMSes including WordPress, Drupal, WithKnown, Craft, Jekyll, Kirby, Hugo, and Micro​.Blog among a growing set of others.

I know that iA Writer recently added Micropub support to allow people to use their tool to publish this way. Sadly they’ve only got it working as Mac/iOS clients and not as a web client, which is something at which ProseMirror might excel.

👓 New File Library for Windows | iA Writer: The Focused Writing App

Read New File Library for Windows (iA Writer: The Focused Writing App)
iA Writer for Windows came out one year ago. We launched version 2 and called it 1.1. It comes with a cleaner UI, sweeter typography, tighter templates, better word export, and… …a very powerful file library. At first sight, it just looks like we’ve closed a gap to its older sibling, the Mac app.