👓 IndieWeb Summit 2017 Wrap-Up! | Aaron Parecki

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Thanks to everyone for coming to IndieWeb Summit 2017! We had a fantastic and productive weekend! This year was the best documented IndieWeb event yet! Thanks to everyone who contributed to documenting the sessions and demos! Saturday We started off with a few keynotes, videos of which you can find ...

👓 Last weekend, I (remotely) attended the IndieWeb Summit in Portland | licit.li

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Last weekend, I (remotely) attended the IndieWeb Summit in Portland. I am still processing everything that has been said, and reading back through the sessions I missed. They have all been uploaded to YouTube, so you could be doing the same! That said, here are some take-aways:
You know it was an awesome Indieweb Summit for WordPress, when you log in and see all these awesome updates!

Just some of the WordPress related updates that were built and released at the Indieweb Summit this weekend in Portland.

Congratulations and Thank You to Matthias Pfefferle, David Shanske, Ryan Barrett, Michael Bishop, Asher Silberman, Brandon Kraft, Lillian Karabaic and all of the others in the Indieweb community who provided the setting, conversation, thinking, and underpinning that made all this possible!