📺 Watched Madame Secretary, S3 E22: Revelation

Watched Revelation, S3 E22 from Madam Secretary (CBS)
During the G20 conference, Elizabeth worries about Henry who was sent to Israel to intercept the VFF's bio-weapon. Blake reveals a secret to former colleagues. Elizabeth goes behind Stevie's back to get her off the Harvard Law waiting list.
Madam Secretary S3 E22Blake’s reveal that he’s bisexual was a nice bit of cultural touchstone to put into the episode.

The wrap up of the ongoing secondary story arc with the religious nuts and the biological weapon was done too quickly and too neatly given how much of the season had been dedicated to it thus far.

Hard to believe the next episode is the season ender already.

📺 Watched Madame Secretary, S3 E21: The Seventh Floor

Watched The Seventh Floor, S3 E21 from Madame Secretary (CBS)
The Secretary and her team must help save an American journalist held hostage in Sudan.
Madam SecretaryThe opening seemed like it was going to be an out of the ordinary episode that followed a day in the life of one of the secondary characters (Blake), but left off after the first few minutes. I almost wished it had followed on the way it started to provide some variety in this type of show. I remember there were West Wing episodes that did this, but I suppose that was a much more balanced ensemble while this series is a bit more lopsided in its character involvement.

The reveal of Daisy’s pregnancy and peoples’ reactions was relatively interesting.

There was a short, but nice turn in this by Skipp Sudduth who I haven’t been seeing as much as I feel I ought to lately.