Watched Learn Morse Code from a Memory Champ (in 15 minutes) by Nelson Delis from YouTube
This is a video I've been wanting to do for a while (in part because I've wanted to learn Morse Code myself, for years!) and I've also had many requests for it.
The first method is also useful for letter frequencies (or playing something like Wheel of Fortune) while the second is actually useful for the sound memory needed to practice Morse code.
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Here’s a method I came up with for learning Morse code easily. All you need to do is become familiar with 26 “Morse code words”, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet:
Amy Bread Cobra Doll Eh Flash Good Heidi Ice Jenny Knit Large Mop Nod Oops Pasta Quran Ring Safe To Ugly Vicar Wasp Xraay (note - double a) Yukon Zoned These could be linked together in a story, or just learned by repetition. Now, to get the Morse code for a particular letter, take the ...