👓 The Future of NetNewsWire | BPXL Craft – Medium

Read The Future of NetNewsWire by George Dick (BPXL Craft – Medium)
Since acquiring NetNewsWire from Newsgator in 2011, we’ve invested a great deal in the continued development and support of the product…

Awesome to see the project come back to the original developer who still wants to shepherd it.

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👓 NetNewsWire is a free and open source feed reader for macOS. | Ranchero

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NetNewsWire is a free and open source feed reader for macOS.
It’s at a very early stage — we use it, but we don’t expect other people to use it yet. It’s not actually shipping.
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👓 NetNewsWire Comes Home | inessential

Read NetNewsWire Comes Home by Brent Simmons (inessential.com)
After some years spent traveling the world, NetNewsWire is now back where it started! It’s my app again. We’ve kept its room ready for all these years. And I am thrilled to welcome it home. Thanks to Black Pixel
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👓 NetNewsWire Status Report: the Last 10% | inessential

Read NetNewsWire Status Report: the Last 10% (inessential.com)
I’ve been working on this app — originally Evergreen 1.0, now NetNewsWire 5.0 — for four years, at least. And now GitHub tells me that the 5.0 alpha milestone is 91% complete. Which means, yes, I’m down to that last 10%. Old engineering wisdom says that the last 10% takes as much time as the first 90%, which means I have another fours year to go, and it will ship in late 2022.
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