Pantheon: A great resource of people and bibliographical data for PAO systems

When creating a Person-Action-Object (PAO) system, sometimes a major issue is having the creativity and perseverance of coming up with a strong repository of names, pictures, and other related data to use.

While doing some research today on collective learning I came across a really well-curated and research-grade system called Pantheon with a wealth of all the sorts of data one could possibly want when creating a PAO.

Naturally if you’re memorizing dates and places for other reasons, there’s a great wealth of data and some useful visualizations hiding in here as well. I suspect that some may find it useful for work with names and faces too.

👓 Robots, Autopilot, and The Holy Grail of WebOps | Pantheon Acquires StagingPilot

Read Robots, Autopilot, and The Holy Grail of WebOps - Pantheon Acquires StagingPilot by Josh KoenigJosh Koenig (
Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Pantheon has acquired StagingPilot, creating a clear pathway for us to offer automation for website updates through our WebOps platform. This acquisition includes not just StagingPilot’s outstanding technology, but also founder Nathan Tyler and his brother Phil, who have created the gold standard of automated CMS maintenance.
Congratulations Nathan Tyler!
Thank you Pantheon for the catering at tonight’s Pasadena WordPress Meetup and the local WordPress 15th Anniversary celebration! It’s always great to watch our not-so-little community continue to grow.

As an aside, it’s interesting to take a look back at the original blogpost announcing the release of WordPress and see which commenters are still online and which pingbacks still resolve without linkrot. Photomatt’s first comment still resolves while many others don’t.