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Experimenting with different online learning opportunities which take advantage of the affordances of openly networked online social technologies underpins my approach to learning and teaching. Jus…

👓 PhD and beyond: A WordPress adventure! | PressED conference 2019

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Blogging my PhD on WordPress created new learning opportunities & expanded my professional digital identity. Now as a lecturer my blog includes an open learning space for students & other learners. I’ll share what I’ve learnt on my WordPress adventure! www.linkinglearning.com.au

👓 “You probably shouldn’t tweet that: Social Media Praxis and the University” | PressED conference 2019

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“Over the last 10 years, I’ve been invited to give many talks and run workshops about how to use social media in various different contexts across higher education, from developing a professional presence to using it to amplify events. In various job roles, I’ve been the go-to person to introduce it to a department or to offer advice for the new person wanting to try out for the first time. I always feel that I’m the person who can offer a gateway to getting started. However, in doing so, I have also experienced criticism about my own use and social media presence, sparking debate about the value and authenticity of social media – and what is considered ‘correct’. This twitter talk will explore the tensions in personal and professional identity as an academic and reality of enabling social media usage amongst others.

Using my research-practice experience of a digital media practitioner, which focused on developing critical media skills and increased digital participation in schools and community development settings, I discuss how my media education background has translated into (the attempts at) introducing social media as a pedagogical tool within FE and HE institutional environments.

Taking an auto-ethnographic approach, I will discuss the challenges of influencing and engaging with cultural change as an ‘outsider’ coming ‘within’ an institution (Holloway, 2009), which wants the benefits of an active and authentic social media presence and digital literate student and staff population, but struggle with political, cultural and social the change required in the workplace to enable authentic debate and dialogue. Drawing on this scenario, I will discuss how the ubiquity and opportunity to produce and consume content through digital, mobile media in our daily lives (Gauntlett, 2011; Jenkins, Ford & Green, 2013; McGillivray, 2013) can conflict with the universities’ need to manage expectations in administering, utilising, delivering and teaching education technology in a centralised, propriety manner.

Referring to examples available on twitter of past projects, I wish to propose that the universality of media education & the continued reflexive practice and structure within education can be mutually inclusive and can aid the professional development of educators– regardless of the educator’s discipline, job title or academic/non-academic contract. That is, in the selection and development of an appropriate digital method and educational technology for the task, each educator within each discipline can establish what is required for their course, their students – and for themselves.”

👓 Give Me Random or Give Me… | CogDog | Alan Levine

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The easiest magic in the box. Just by adding 6 characters to your WordPress web address, you get a link to goes to a random post on your site. Spin the wheel....
I’m glad that the PressEd Conference’s main schedule page has links and embedded versions of all of yesterday’s talks on each of the individual session pages.

The best part of reading through them on the day after is being able to read and react to all the additional conversations and sub-threads. There’s also more time to catch what I missed and read and reflect on some of the more dense links to other sources. I hope I can manage to digest it all before PressEDConf20 is upon us.

It was a huge amount of effort and work by our wonderful hosts and all the presenters. Congratulations all around!

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👓 The SPLOT? Billboards for the Mystery of the Internet at #PressEdConf18 | CogDogBlog | Alan Levine

Read The SPLOT? Billboards for the Mystery of the Internet at #PressEdConf18 by Alan Levine (CogDogBlog)
It’s one of those things to keep your attention on long drives. From hundreds of miles away are billboards enticing you to check out The Thing in southern Arizona. From a piece in Vice: The T…