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There’s two kinds of scholarship today: there’s Titanic studies and there’s deckchair studies.

— McKenzie Wark

And as the smart ship grew
            In stature, grace, and hue,
In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too
— Thomas Hardy

I’m an academic at an Australian university. I’ve led an educational design team through an institutional LMS transition, and I’m currently Associate Dean International in our Law, Humanities and Creative Arts Faculty.

I’m interested in the assumptions that regulate work, innovation, profit and risk in higher education, and in the way that the system shaped by these assumptions affects those of us working in universities.

As someone once put it in the search that led them here, this is a blog about:

“shared governance consensus bullshit.”

It’s only fitting to be reading this on the anniversary of the first sailing of the RMS Titanic. If you’re not following Kate Bowles, I highly recommend it.