👓 Launching #IndieWeb Textpattern | Chris McLeod

Read Launching #IndieWeb Textpattern by Chris McLeodChris McLeod (Mr.Kapowski)
I noted the other day that Textpattern might be a good fit for some people trying to build their own websites, but that there wasn’t much in the way of resources to get them plugged into the IndieWeb. Well, I went and started to do something about that. #IndieWeb TextPattern is a site where I will...
This is awesome news. I’ve started a stub page on the IndieWeb wiki that hopefully folks will be able to add to in the future.

Perhaps the quickest start for getting Webmention working is to use Webmention.io and have people add the appropriate headers. Then you can build or set up methods to either show that data directly or build a full endpoint.

Good luck!