👓 [Update]: Will Twohey’s Building Be Saved? | ColoradoBoulevard.net

Read [Update]: Will Twohey’s Building Be Saved? by Garrett Rowlan (ColoradoBoulevard.net)
Built in 1951, Twohey’s restaurant in Alhambra is a structural grandparent in the constant architectural tumult that is Southern California. Yet the building’s fate hangs in the balance. The current owner wants to tear the building down and build something else. A move afoot is to make the building a historical monument (the building is located at Huntington Drive and Atlantic Boulevard).
How many years has it been since Twohey’s was supposed to leave the building anyway? Will they ever really go? That’s the real headline…

Of course it’s been several years since the food quality has hit rock bottom, so I suppose I don’t care that much anymore since I’m not planning to patronize them anymore.