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Read Facebooked, Googled And Recovering Imagination by Sherri Spelic (Identity, Education and Power – Medium)

This essay begins in frustration. I’m looking for something but cannot find them. I know they were here among my things at one time but now that I need them, want to press them into service, they are gone. “They” happen to be a couple of books I read some years ago which I was certain would hold the keys to making sense of my now. When I read them around 2010 or 2012, they were pivotal for me (or so I imagine).

So there may be a delicious kind of irony that precisely these two books are missing.

One book is Googled: The End of The World As We Know It (2010) by Ken Auletta and the other is The Facebook Effect — The Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World (also 2010) by David Kirkpatrick. (This is the point at which I actually found the books right next to each other, left corner, middle bookshelf 3rd row, obscured by a mid-sized photo album containing real family photos.)

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