Little Free Library #8424 Progress

Almost the same moment I saw my first Little Free Library, I decided that I wanted to host one of my very own, so I registered with the intent of building one in my free time. The registration arrived and I’d drafted some very serious custom plans, but just never gotten around to purchasing the supplies and building it.

Recently I saw something a bit more quirky and interesting than my original plans that I could up-cycle, so I made the purchase (happy belated birthday to me)!  It’s got two spacious shelves with two doors including a glass fronted one, and it’s got the capacity for at least 6 linear feet of books. We’re nearly ready to go.

Little Free Library #8424 (prelaunch)
Little Free Library (prelaunch)

I’m hoping to get some mounting materials and have the library up and running soon.  My plan is to specialize in literary fiction, though I’m sure we’ll also stock a fair amount of popular science and non-fiction as well as thriller, mystery, and suspense as well.

Invitations to the “launch” party should be coming shortly! If you’ve got some books you’d like to donate toward the cause, let me know in the comments below. Be sure to include a Book Crossing ID number on them if you’d like to track where your favorite objects head off to in the future.


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45 thoughts on “Little Free Library #8424 Progress”

    1. It’s actually not too hard to do depending on the avenue you take… The hardest part is getting lost on their website, facebook, and pinterest sites looking at all the fabulous examples of what everyone else has done and getting yourself involved in #LittleFreeLibraryEnvy – the feeling that YOUR Little Free Library has to be better, more interesting, more unique than all the others you’ve seen.

    1. Pat Leming You’ll notice the “sample” books I put in it for the photo are all math books. 🙂 But since the point is to give the books away, I’m worried if it was all advanced science and math that no one would ever visit my poor little library…
      Besides, who in their right mind would give away their math books?! 😉

  1. This is great! You may have the fanciest lending library yet. We have two near our house in the Palisades. Both are pretty weathered from the sun. One has a pretty string of lights inside that power up at night (possibly solar?). One warning: people seem to leave a ton of religious tracts in these. The guy who owns my favorite one says he clears out the library a few times a month and donates any long-lingering books to the local library. Can’t wait to hear how yours turns out! You’re doing a great thing for your community.

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