Chris Aldrich on VH1’s “Dating Naked”!


ver the past couple of months leading up to to the launch of VH1’s new season of “Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps” , I’ve been entertained by friends who have seen little snippets and notices about the show and wondering why and how I got involved in front of the camera. Honestly, it’s mostly been the why question. Ego-bruisingly, only one so far has wanted to know if they could get the “unblurred” cut of the show.

Let’s get one thing straight: the Chris Aldrich on VH1’s Dating Naked is NOT me — first of all, I’m way better looking.

Fortunately as we’re getting closer, there’s now “artwork” to support the fact that it’s not me.

The "other" Chris Aldrich
The “other” Chris Aldrich

It would be nice to have some PR on Hollywood’s busiest corner, but the price was too high.

Once the show launches on the 22nd, I almost can’t wait to see what happens to the Google ranking for my searches on my name.  I’m sure I’ll have some further entertainment in relation to my twitter account @chrisaldrich and other parts of my social media presence. I’m almost tempted to make a few changes in the bio sections to increase the ambiguity and cause some trouble.

I’m reminded of Wes Moore’s book “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates“, unfortunately I’m not quite sure that my writing a book about my experience with “The Other Chris Aldrich” would be so uplifting or inspiring to others. I’d also be more worried that I’d have to change the subtitle to “One name, One Fate.”



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25 thoughts on “Chris Aldrich on VH1’s “Dating Naked”!”

  1. well its kinda like the whole Richard Hatch thing when Survivor came out – the poor guy from Battlestar Galactica was suddenly thrust back into the limelight since folks were under the impression it was the same guy….and yes Chris, you’re much better looking than the fella in this show 🙂

  2. So yesterday there were 5 hits on this post, while today there were 37. This post is currently ranked #6 on a google search for the string “Chris Aldrich Dating Naked”. A Google search on “Chris Aldrich” is substantively the same as the past several months except that the profile page for the “other” Chris on VH1’s site is ranked #2, while an article is ranked #8. His twitter account logs in at #15 and the next closest mention is at #69 for an US Magazine article. On Twitter, @ChrisAldrich860 currently has 139 followers.#DatingNaked #SEOexperiment

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