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There aren’t a lot of available online lectures on the subject of information theory, but here are the ones I’m currently aware of:



Fortunately, most are pretty reasonable, though vary in their coverage of topics. The introductory lectures don’t require as much mathematics and can probably be understood by those at the high school level with just a small amount of basic probability theory and an understanding of the logarithm.

The top three in the advanced section (they generally presume a prior undergraduate level class in probability theory and some amount of mathematical sophistication) are from professors who’ve written some of the most commonly used college textbooks on the subject. If I recall a first edition of the Yeung text was available via download through his course interface. MacKay’s text is available for free download from his site as well.

Feel free to post other video lectures or resources you may be aware of in the comments below.

Editor’s Update: With sadness, I’ll note that David MacKay died just days after this was originally posted.

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  1. kirtyv says:

    I am a PhD student in ECE. I work on physical layer, and am recently venturing into physical-layer security. Bloch et al is one good resource I found regarding this. However, I tried looking for some video lectures or tutorials regarding this and could only find a few. I can list them here if there is any interest (Mainly by H.Vincent Poor, Joao Barros (one of the authors of the textbook aforementioned), Sennur Ulukus). Please let me know if you know of any other video lectures which could provide a good understanding.
    –via Reddit

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