Dear Santa (TV Movie 2011)

Watched Dear Santa from Lifetime, TV Movie, 2011
Directed by Jason Priestley. With Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke, Patrick Creery. Beverly Hills 90210 alumni Jason Priestly takes the helm for this warmhearted romantic comedy about a die-hard party girl struggling to change her frivolous ways. Crystal (Amy Acker) comes from a wealthy family. She loves spending money. Her parent's money. When they decide it's time for her to make something of her life they give her until Christmas to clean up her act. Should Crystal fail to ...
The Christmas movie marathon continues. This one isn’t quite as sappy as one might hope, but a good up-the-middle heart warmer. The concept is actually much more interesting and subtle and not as lite-comedy fare as the cover image would belie.

It’s interesting to see some of Amy Acker’s early work. I’ve been a fan of hers from her many television series. It’s nice to see her playing the lead rather than playing 3rd or lower fiddle.

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