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Listened to Spam: a special edition by Jeremy Cherfas from Eat This Podcast
I did not know that that the famous Monty Python spam sketch was recorded on 6 June 1970. At least, that‚Äôs the claim of a Tumblr obsessed with Minnesota in the 1970s. (Wikipedia says only that ‚Äú[i]t premiered on 15 December 1970‚ÄĚ.) However, I need no encouragement to share a programme on Spam that I made for BBC Farming Today back in 1997, a programme that was both very well received and a blast to make. the people at Hormel couldn‚Äôt have been nicer, and the butterfly spam balls weren‚Äôt bad either.

Monty Python and Spam
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There’s so much more to spiced ham than one could have ever thought. It’s not only a great slice of Americana, but there’s some science and interesting economics behind the things that go into making it. Both a fun and fascinating episode.

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