📺 Watched Broadchurch (2015) Season 2 Episodes 1-4

Watched Broadchurch (Season 2, episodes 1-4) from ITV/BBC America
When Joe Miller pleads not guilty, the town of Broadchurch have to prepare for a full trial. Meanwhile, a woman called Claire, from the Sandbrook case, relies on Alec for protection. Creator: Chris Chibnall; Starring: David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Andrew Buchan
Holy crap! This managed to get even better than the first season! I say this because I had terrifically low expectations when I’d accidentally seen that the entire cast was coming back for the second and third seasons. I had wondered to myself how all these diverse players with only one or two mildly significant “leads” were going to manage to figure into a new storyline. Well they pulled it off in incredible style.

The cinematography and directing has gotten much more solid in the beginning of season 2. Subtle things like Miller rushing to get to court on time in combination with the music really helps to pull the viewer in while also mounting a significant amount of tension where one might not otherwise dramatically exist without it’s creation the way they’ve produced one of the opening scenes.


I won’t go into much more detail for fear of ruining things for others, but kudos on the cast and crew for a heck of an opening half of season two. I have to say I’m a bit depressed that I still don’t known when season 3 will be available in the states. I may have to spoof my IP address to see if I can get it on ITV in Britain.

I watched this on the 40″ Samsung in high def with Netflix routed through my Google Chromecast.

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