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Read What I believe II (ft. Sarah Constantin and Stacey Jeffery) (Shtetl-Optimized)
In my post ‚ÄúThe Kolmogorov Option,‚ÄĚ I tried to step back from current controversies, and use history to reflect on the broader question of how nerds should behave when their penchant for speaking unpopular truths collides head-on with their desire to be kind and decent and charitable, and to be judged as such by their culture. I was gratified to get positive feedback about this approach from men and women all over the ideological spectrum. However, a few people who I like and respect accused me of ‚Äúdogwhistling.‚ÄĚ They warned, in particular, that if I wouldn‚Äôt just come out and say what I thought about the James Damore Google memo thing, then people would assume the very worst‚ÄĒeven though, of course, my friends themselves knew better. So in this post, I‚Äôll come out and say what I think. But first, I‚Äôll do something even better: I‚Äôll hand the podium over to two friends, Sarah Constantin and Stacey Jeffery, both of whom were kind enough to email me detailed thoughts in response to my Kolmogorov post.

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