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Google releases the Jamboard, their smart whiteboard. How Google's ATAP has changed. Google can now track your offline credit card purchases. Why is it so hard to get Android apps on Chromebooks? What is Fuschia? Android Automotive will take over your car's dashboard. Java creator James Gosling is going to AWS. 1Password introduces Travel Mode to protect you at the border. Chaos Computer Club demonstrates how to hack Samsung's Iris Detection with just a camera and a contact lens. The FCC really wants to kill net neutrality, and they will beat you up if you ask them polite questions. Ford's new CEO is all about self-driving cars, but Waymo has a huge lead over everyone else. Uber angers customers, drivers, and pretty much the entire city of Pittsburgh. Jeff's Number: Google Street view is 10 years old, and artists love it. Stacey's Thing: WeMo Dimmer Switch Ron Amadeo's Stuff: Elegato Stream Deck

Net neutrality again? Why can’t the FCC just give up on trying to kill it?

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